CEEYS / Portrait by Mizuki Kin Tachibana


Date of interview: 27 July, 2020

Globalization is supposed to create a world where national “borders” become increasingly permeable and irrelevant, but, ironically, the world as we see it is crisscrossed with dividing lines. Our world today is full of divisions due to racial, religious, economic, generational and various other factors.

What should the new “border” be treated 31 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall?
The brother duo artist “CEEYS”, who works in Potsdam, Germany, released the album “WÆNDE” in 2018. What you can see and what you can’t see. We and them have a common theme. We talked to them about the “border” that knows about Germany, which is divided into east and west.

CEEYS / Portrait by Roman Koblov

Q1. First of all, please introduce yourself (such as your brothers doing music activities).

We are Brueder Selke, Sebastian on cello and Daniel on piano, and we mainly release under the alias CEEYS. Growing up on the streets of Berlin during the last decade of the Communist-era German Democratic Republic we lived behind the Iron Curtain. It’s something we carry with us into our music – through thoughts, atmospheres and architectural references.
Today we are about bringing open-minded, live music formats to our new home of Potsdam near the world-famous film town Babelsberg just less then an hour away from Berlin. Here we invite artists from across the world to not only play with us on stage but also to help create a special bond between their avant-garde, pop music styles and Potsdam’s diverse, historic and diverse architecture from neoclassical palaces to Communist-era Plattenbau. As well as being our new home, we built our new recording space in Potsdam – Klingentha Studio. Driven by our deeply rooted compulsion to improvise, along with experimenting with cello and piano, we also create using traditional instruments from the socialist era. Sebastian recently added a new cello to his setup which came from Klingenthal, one of the four infamous places in the Saxon “Musikwinkel” – German for “musical corner” – of the Vogtlandkreis.

Q2. Please tell me about the origin of the CEEYS name.

It might appear a little cryptic at first, but we actually found it be very organic as long as you understand our way with music and history. The easiest way is to understand that it is the bringing together of cello and the keys.
With cello in the beginning it seems to be spelled like “cheese” but we keep this for photo sessions – just smile. Cello takes its name from the French “violoncelle” and as kids we were very impressed by the French electronic music scene.
Daniel on the other side not only plays the piano but all kinds of keyboard instruments. And Sebastian adds some bass and kick modules too. but here is also another aspect of the name: While growing up we early listened a lot to Reinhard Lakomy´s Der Traumzauberbaum, a record for children.
This inspired us a lot, and soon we noticed East German rock groups like Toni Krahl’s CITY, which was full of violin, and the duo KEY who just used western synthesisers. This then helped us with the name, taking cues from both CITY and KEY.

City – Am Fenster Videoclip 1978

The music of CS not only reveals an intimate dialogue between artist and instrument but it can, amongst other interpretations, also be seen as a recognition and continuation of those musical experiments that emerged in the former GDR. One of these other interpretations is its communicative moment. Understanding our concept helps like-minded fans discover more than just the music; it can be an essential experience and prove to be more enriching.
Plus, notice that our last name Selke matches with our other five-letter artistic name CEEYS, listen to SEAS or SEES or short cut CEEYS to CS, and just feel inspired by it all.

CEEYS – Zanzibar (Official Music Video) | WÆNDE

Q3 When in 1989, the Berlin Wall was torn down, you were still a young kid. In 2018 you released the album “WÆNDE” which means something like “Walls” in German. I somehow got the impression, that it deals with your feelings towards “Borders” during the separation of Berlin in east and west. Could you tell us in detail about the story behind this album?

Walls, or WÆNDE in German, have shaped us from the very day we were born – both historically and musically.
Back then in our Hellersdorf prefab building, we could hear each other practise our instruments through the paper thin walls of our childhood bedrooms. The same was true for the neighbours above and below us. So in these times of walls, they kept on knocking – not exactly with musicality but with all the more passion – in their very own
rhythm onto radiators, their apartment floors or the ceiling.
The sudden fall of the Berlin Wall, or WÆNDE was not only a historic turning point it changed our whole life. Growing up in the last decade of the former GDR, restrictions and the overcoming of material lack were our daily companions. The memories, impressions and feelings, the two sides of one medal – the Wall – help us to understand the present time a little better.
The music helped us to find our way as we always dreamed of making an album about these times.

CEEYS – Hiddensee (Official Music Video)

Q4 In your works, you are not solely relying on music, but also on self-made pictures and images to visualize your expressions. One could say, that you are using a double layered approach in your works. What do you think, we humans can gain from art, music, literature or pictures? How can we grasp something from a uncertain world?  

None of us really know why we are here on this little planet. It seems to be more about a feeling and our reflections.
For us art, literature, pictures, and music are part of our universal language to show our impressions and emotions while living in this one cosmos, in this one moment. We hope that one part of our puzzled language will reach people and helps them to understand their world a little better as well. We were encouraged to play from a preschool age by our parents, Gabriele Selke – an actress and Harald Selke – a radio presenter. We went on to formally study music, with Sebastian graduating from ‘Hanns Eisler’ Berlin and Daniel from ‘Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy’ Leipzig. We still remember the one sentence by Hanns Eisler printed in the foyer of the Hochschule: “Wer nur etwas von Musik versteht, versteht auch von Musik nichts.“ (Who only knows something about music, also knows nothing about music.)
We’re also planning an exhibition of our album-accompanying photographs. The cover and inside artwork of our album sleeves, for the most part, introduce images from our photo session in 2015.
It’s a short series of a typical prefab building that were very common during that time. Convoluted, contorted, anonymous, including not only a vast number of balconies but also enormous mosaics on the buildings’ sides.
The images were shot present day, using – with some professional guidance – original cameras from that time.

The cover of our LP “HIDDENSEE”, a sort of travel album, presents the same apartment block from an ambiguous perspective, such that it resembles both a ship’s bow and a mountain.
The special edition, limited to 100 vinyl copies, was released with a silkscreen-printed collection of 12 postcards – to match the number of tracks on the album. These cards were produced using a Risograph printer and show motifs of the island of Hiddensee from a home video from 1986.

While the video was filmed on an original AG8 handheld camera from the then CSSR, the ecologically friendly Risography was taken from Japan (the Far East).

Q5 Could you tell us about your newest project or future plans? Are currently working on something?
Thank you for this question, as we love to talk about future projects. Here our dreams can fly with hope as the main inspirational motor.
This chapter starts with the impact COVID-19 has had on our ideas, projects and formats. Earlier this year we wanted to celebrate the fourth edition of “Q3Ambientfest” with a special lineup that would have seen us collaborating with Peter Broderick´s duo project Constant Presence, alongside Daniel O’Sullivan. We released a beautiful handmade 10-inch vinyl via Gregory Euclide`s beautiful Thesis Project called Thesis 17. The plan was to share the stage at this year’s festival and later present the record personally to the audience.
We also invited 18 other beautiful artists and friends but due to
the worldwide pandemic many had to cancel their flights. But this is no time for resignation. As mentioned above we already learned to work with limitations and restrictions and soon we started with the reschedule. Q3Ambientfest has been postponed to 2021 and we already started to love the constellation of year numbers.

CEEYS – Q3Ambientfest 2019 (Official Aftermovie)

As two brothers and with the concept of a dividing Wall, we love everything about the number two. Our acoustic cello-piano double album is announced for fall 2020. We are also about to release for the first time under our own name, as Brueder Selke. There are many different projects we would love to present and this step seems obvious for us to spread the word even a little bit more.

One example is our upcoming collaboration with LANDR, a Canadian platform for unique music services. They invited us to release some
individual sample packs based on our restored East European synthesisers we‘ve collected for over 20 years. We are more then proud and have always wanted to make packs to share with musicians of all genres.
We love to share our whole work from samples, to reworks, to the stage. It is our main focus for what music should stand for today and after the first devastating images of COVID-19 going across Italy, it was by no accident that you saw Italian people sharing music from balcony to balcony. It is the very essence of music.

CEEYS / Portrait by Mizuki Kin Tachibana

Q6 Up until now, the year 2020 was a year with lots of news and changes. Especially artists now face a strong conflict between society and themselves or their position and influence in it, while constantly trying to find new ways of “art” by trails and error. In midst of this difficult situation, what do you think is the most important thing artists should do in the next generation to “break through to the future”?

Music will remain the very essence for many aspects in life. It is the only thing we as Brueder Selke can do to express our ideas and to connect with people around the world. With our music we are still in touch with many friends around the globe planning new shows and collaborations, and using the free time to recalibrate our creative engines. And to be honest, before the crisis we sometimes had a feeling of a collapsing world. For us it just was a question of time. Everything went faster and faster, more and more, louder and even louder. It sucked a little bit-yes. We had to postpone our boutique festival and it hurts our soul. But we now used the time to record our new record HAUSMUSIK and to discover a new release perspective. Just take the limitations as they come and you will find to your essence.
There is a time where the best thing you could do from running is to stop.


New Single “Im Fenster” 

Spotify,YouTube Music,available now on platforms!

CEEYS – Im Fenster (Official Music Video) | HAUSMUSIK
Spotify – CEEYS “Im Fenster”

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【MOLS.tv】Sounds to scape at Teufelsberg Spy Tower
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Dasha Rush, photo by. MOLS magazine




Dasha Rush

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Alexandra Pyatkova


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Date of interview: 14 July, 2020


ハウス、アンビエント、ダウンテンポ、トラップ。ニューヨーク在住 @offthescene_ のプロデューサー兼創設者である Furozh は、音楽スタイルを柔軟に変更してDJミックスのように聴かせることが出来るトラックメーカーだ。

分裂と格差がコロナウイルスの噴火によって明らかにされたニューヨーク。 市の現状について困難な状況の中、彼にメールでインタビューをした。

Furozh “Late Night Drives “

Q1 出身地を教えてください。 


Q2 ニューヨークでは最近、3ヶ月続いたコロナウイルスによるロックダウンが解除されました(6月20日のインタビュー時)。人種差別デモの最中で、ニューヨークの街の様子や住んでいる人々の様子はどうですか?また、”curfew”制度とはなんですか?




Furozh Interview “SAY NO TO RACISM WE ARE ALL HUMAN” photo by.Furozh

Q3 昼間のデモに参加している人たちと、夜間のデモに参加している人たちでは活動内容や人種に違いは見られますか? 


Q4 あなたがニューヨークに住んでいて感じる差別はありますか?人種に問わず、セクシャル、宗教、世界観問いません。


Furozh Interview “SAY NO TO RACISM WE ARE ALL HUMAN” photo by.Furozh

Q5 私は有色人種という言葉が好きではありません。特に肌の色で不正に扱われることがあってはいけないと感じます。アメリカでここまでBLM運動が暴徒化してしまった理由はなんだったと思いますか?



Furozh Interview “SAY NO TO RACISM WE ARE ALL HUMAN” photo by.Furozh

Q6 ロックダウン後、音楽活動にどう影響がありましたか? 




PUBLIC ENEMY – State Of The Union (STFU) featuring DJ PREMIER
KRS-One – Sound of da Police (Official Video)

Nas、public enemy、Mos Def、prodigy、KRS-one、ab-soul、CAPITAL STEEZ、2pac、etc…僕は尊敬する黒人アーティストから沢山のことを学んだよ。これらのアーティストは、黒人であるがゆえの心境や感じたことを覚悟と信念を持って発信していて、僕も今置かれた状況に決して目を背けず、しっかり受け止めようと思ったよ。

Furozh Interview “SAY NO TO RACISM WE ARE ALL HUMAN” photo by.Furozh

Q7 以前、アメリカのBLM運動の報道をニュースで見ました。彼らは暴動ではなく、ダンスや音楽で”平和的”な解決を求めていました。アメリカのデモを通して、あなたは音楽でどのようなメッセージを伝えたいですか?また、この問題を機に自身が変わった部分はありますか?


Q8 ニューヨークで音楽活動を続ける理由はなんですか?


Furozh Interview “SAY NO TO RACISM WE ARE ALL HUMAN” photo by.Furozh

Q9 人種、ウイルスによる国境封鎖、2020年は境界(Border)について考えさせられることが多い年のように感じます。”BORDER”という文字を見て、今感じることや思うことはありますか?


Q10 最後に、これからもニューヨークで音楽活動を続けていきますか?




Furozh New Album “SET ME FREE”

Spotify,Apple Music,available now on all platforms!

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Furozh on Spotify


Date of interview: 14 July, 2020

New York, USA suffers from the most coronavirus pandemic in the world. Transforming into a new normal era where everyone can stand up to a distance of 2 meters and easily meet family, lovers, and close friends It seems that we human beings need more solidarity rather than fragmentation of society.

House, ambient, down tempo, traps… Furozh, a producer and founder of @offthescene_ in New York, who can change the music style flexibly and make it listen like a DJ mix.

New York, where divisions and disparities were revealed by the Coronal Eruption. We interviewed him about the current situation in the city.

Furozh “Late Night Drives “

Q1 Could you tell us, where are you from? 
I’m from Mt. Vernon , New York .

Q2 Just recently, New York City lifted its three month lasting “Corona virus” lockdown order. What do the people feel and how do the the streets in New York look like during the mass demonstrations? 
Could you also explain, what the term “curfew” means? 

I feel like the majority of the people feel like the lockdown is a distraction that everything is quote on quote “back to normal” in general and no one is taking precaution. During these times it doesn’t change the fact black people are being killed, and its shifting people’s minds. The fact that people are protesting and speaking out are the ones on the front line and putting their safety at risk .The curfew was more to diminish the ones from speaking out and doing what has to be done to see the change that we deserve.

Furozh Interview “SAY NO TO RACISM WE ARE ALL HUMAN” photo by.Furozh

Q3 Do you feel any differences between the people taking part in the morning protests and those, who start demonstrating at night? 
The only difference is that the am protest is more peaceful and more chill, and the night time ones they are those more seen, because it’s rush hour time and everyone is actually being seen & heard. I believe that we need both (looters & protesters) because we do need both to get our point across. & demand what is right.

Q4 Do you think there is discrimination in NYC? Not only limited to racial discrimination but also sexual, religious or political discrimination.
Yes of course ! 

Furozh Interview “SAY NO TO RACISM WE ARE ALL HUMAN” photo by.Furozh

Q5 Personally, I do not like the term “people of color”. People, under no circumstances should be treated differently because of their skin color. 
What do you think is the reason, the american protest against racial discrimination heated up and got so violent?
Because people are tired! We are tired of the same shit… but if you want to say quote on quote Americans of any ethnicity, everyone is tired of what’s going and those that are protesting are aware that black people are continuously being killed for being black. While I protesting I thought of how would my life be if I was different because I feel like no one will ever understand or feel what a black person feels in America.

Furozh Interview “SAY NO TO RACISM WE ARE ALL HUMAN” photo by.Furozh

Q6 In which way did the NYC lockdown influenced your activities as a musician and artist? 
In a negative way it puts me in a stay of mind where this is the shit that I heard from older family members and friends and now as a 30 year old black man in America, it’s crazy how I’m seeing the same thing but it’s like two steps forward and two steps back. It’s a continuous cycle. Slavery has never ended and how the school has never stated facts about how slavery hasn’t ended. Like people need to stop mentioning about 400 years ago let talk about The facts about how 50 years ago, which may sound as long but isn’t the same thing has been happening. Black were restricted from white owned places. Black not being able to even speak to a white person without being precarious.
It helped me push the message more because since I started making music my message has been all about what is happening in the present times.

PUBLIC ENEMY – State Of The Union (STFU) featuring DJ PREMIER
KRS-One – Sound of da Police (Official Video)

I’ve learned by listening to some of my favorite artists like: Nas, public enemy, Mos Def, prodigy, Krs-one-, ab-soul, CAPITAL STEEZ, Tupac & many more. So once I knew it was like minded people that understood and had a vision of the things I felt and thought, I went harder with my message.

Furozh Interview “SAY NO TO RACISM WE ARE ALL HUMAN” photo by.Furozh

Q7 One day, I watched an american demonstration on TV. The protestors demonstrated not with vandalism and violence, but with music and dance, as they supported a peaceful way to solve the problems. 
What message do you want deliver through your music during the demonstrations? Do you think the recent events changed you? 
No, I believe my message as being the same. The only that has changed me is being more comfortable with making the music that I make. Back then people would question why I was doing what I was doing which made me feel like I had to stop speaking to them and surrounding myself with those kind of people.

Q8 What is the reason behind your decision, to keep on being active in NYC? What fascinates you you most in NYC? 
What keeps me active is like the daily reminder of my message.

Furozh Interview “SAY NO TO RACISM WE ARE ALL HUMAN” photo by.Furozh

Q9 Racial discrimination, the virus lockdown…seems like 2020 lets us think about borders. What do you feel and think when you see the term “BORDER”? 
I feel separation.

Q10 Last but not least, do you intend to stay in NYC and continue being active there? 
Yes most definitely. 

Furozh New Album “SET ME FREE”

Spotify,Apple Music,available now on all platforms!

Furozh Official Webpage
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【外部リンク】Keisuke Sugawara Web

【外部リンク】Keisuke Sugawara Webpage


【外部リンク】Raum – 余白と”余韻”に人は何を想うのか – 第一弾:前編(プロローグ)



Raum in Conversation

Keisuke Sugawara × MOLS

ー まず、「Raum」という名前の由来とは?

Keisuke : 「Raum」はドイツ語で「部屋(room)」という意味で、閉ざされた空間やスペースを人の心の中とイメージして制作したんだけど、なんかその限られた空間の中にいる一人の人物にフォーカスをあてたくて。だからこの題材でフィルムを制作しようとした時に、自然とこの名前が浮かんだんだよね。英語でも日本語でもなく、ドイツ語の響きや表現がぴったりだと思ったからかな。


Keisuke : 割と自分の体験に基づいて印象に残っている風景や経験が沢山自分の中に残っていて、一つの作品を作るときに、その引き出しの中から摘んでイマジネーションを膨らましていったり、その物事から派生する物語と結びつけたりするかな。


本作のキャスティングについて、神嶋 里花さんを主演として迎えた理由は?また、普段作品を作るうえで人選に拘りはある?



そんなサービスがあるの?! それは個人的にも知りたい…



映像作品を作るなかで「音楽」は密接な関係にあると思うけど、今回楽曲として選んだMakoto Sakamotoさんの「Yoin」を選んだ理由は?

2019年8月にMakoto Sakamotoさんの「Reflection」というアルバムがリリースされたという連絡があって、聴いてみたのがキッカケだったかな。全体を通して自分の好きなアンビエントでどこかドロッとした印象を感じて、アルバムを通して大好きで。その時から「Yoin」というタイトルが頭に残っていて、ピアノの音が反復されていく様や、序盤は静かに始まって、空間に溶け込んでいって、7分間の楽曲だけどその後もずーっとその場の空間を支配するというか。展開の少ないメロディーだけど、今作と凄くマッチするなと思えるような、運命的な出会いだったんだよね。

















インナーチャイルドとは直訳すれば「内なる子供」と訳されるが、具体的には子供時代の頃の記憶や心情、感傷の事を指す。 私たちが子供時代に経験した出来事が、大人になり自身に多くの影響を与えていることはご存知だろうか?











Rika Kashima http://www.anore.co.jp/rika_kashima/

Keisuke Sugawara https://www.keisuke-sugawara.com/

演出・監督 – Keisuke Sugawara
助監督・編集 – Miho Yajima
撮影 – 平野 理大 (Rio Hirano)
ヘアスタイリング – やまこし みか (Mika Yamakoshi)
メイク – Moe Takemoto
テクニカル・サポート – 吉田 爽 (Sou Yoshida)
文 | 字幕 – Keisuke Sugawara
字幕アシスタント – Yui Tamura

Makoto Sakamoto MAKOTO SAKAMOTO “Yoin” from Reflection

Streaming event supported by:
EU・ジャパンフェスト日本委員会#KeepGoingTOGETHER Project
– MOLS magazine



Christina Dyekjærと一緒に主催する ”mellem to” プロジェクトで彼と出会って以降、彼の作品からは「生きるということ」そのものを問い、何度も反復して投げかけてくるほど強烈なメッセージを感じていた。何故なら彼自身、その意味の原型について深く知り尽くしていて、また、多くの人がその問いについてあまりに悲観的すぎることも知っているのであろう。








彼の舞台作品「mellem to」に同じく、今回の作品の登場人物に共通している心理課題はリフレクションにある。








【外部リンク】MAKOTO SAKAMOTO – Reflection 考察

【外部リンク】Keisuke Sugawara Website(画像をクリック)




菅原圭輔が初の演出・監督を勤めた本作は、キャストに神嶋里花、音楽に Makoto Sakamotoをむかえ、ある女性のモノローグ、その目線の先に見ているものに焦点を当てた11分間の短編アート作品である。




Rika Kashima http://www.anore.co.jp/rika_kashima/

Keisuke Sugawara https://www.keisuke-sugawara.com/

演出・監督 – Keisuke Sugawara
助監督・編集 – Miho Yajima
撮影 – 平野 理大 (Rio Hirano)
ヘアスタイリング – やまこし みか (Mika Yamakoshi)
メイク – Moe Takemoto
テクニカル・サポート – 吉田 爽 (Sou Yoshida)
文 | 字幕 – Keisuke Sugawara
字幕アシスタント – Yui Tamura

Makoto Sakamoto MAKOTO SAKAMOTO “Yoin” from Reflection

Streaming event supported by:
EU・ジャパンフェスト日本委員会#KeepGoingTOGETHER Project
– MOLS magazine



最近はDark Jazzがお気に入り。たまに自分が制作した映像と合わせて聴くのが楽しい。